Survey about Nagoya Protocol

Dear colleagues,

The COST Action Ocean4Biotech Working Group 4 launches a survey to have an understanding on your knowledge, you as a scientist or administrative staff, on the Nagoya Protocol when you work on samples coming from non-EU countries, when you sample in other countries or if you use or run a culture collection.

We would like to know if you are applying the Nagoya protocol or if you encounter any problems applying it.

The survey will remain internal to Ocean4Biotech WG4 and no results will be published with your name or the name of your institution.

The data collected will be used to design one of the first actions we want to implement: Training on the Nagoya Protocol.

The purpose of this training will be to raise awareness and train scientists and administrators on the Nagoya Protocol, and to enforce the laws.

LINK to the survey: Deadline: 30 September 2020

Please find attached the cover letter. We thank you to fill in this survey with the help of your administrator. There are no good or bad answers. The more information we have, the better. So, please share it in your institution.

A training session/Webinar is planned during the Ocean4Biotech General Assembly in November 2020. For further information, you can contact Michèle Barbier: / Ph: +336 3307 9899 We thank you in advance Best regards Michèle Barbier, Xenia Schneider, Lucie Novoveska and Giovanna Cristina Varese